The MOATAB is a mobile smatphone and tablet holder, you can also clip it to the KNEESTATION and charlz trays.

With its large choice of colors it adapts perfectly to your decor.

Trays are not provided, they are optional.

You use it everywhere, office, kitchen, sofa, bed. In short, in every room and at any time of the day.

Made in France

  • MOATAB012
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he width is 15 mm.

In charge, you can have your smartphone or tablet in portrait or landscape mode.

The notch on the front allows it to be clipped on the KNEESTATION in 2 seconds, you surf while fully enjoying the board.

The applications are many: facetime in your sofa, mobile office, note taking, eat in front of youtube ...

Useful, lying in your bed or couch! Remove the tray of Kneestation, clip the Moatab, lie down and put everything on your stomach.


Material: Acrylic

* We release ourselves from any misuse or manipulation that would cause your device to fall.