The base is in  glossy white acrylic with acrylic tray in glossy white.

White anti-slip silicone set included.

Choose your base size:

SIZE 1: studied for women - the space between the legs is smaller - see diagram

SIZE 2: studied for men - greater than or equal to 25 cm  - see diagram

Made in France

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Base size
Tray size

The KNEESTATION Charlz is a design ergonomic tray, its design provides an incomparable comfort of use.

It's composed of 2 parts : 

an ergonomic base, which is the foundation of the concept.

a removable tray.

The base exists in 2 sizes to adapt to your morphology :

- Size 1 foot is suitable for most women.

- Size 2 being more studied for men with a bigger leg spacing.

Look at the diagram to be on the model that suits you.

The removable tray and held with magnets, it clips and releases very quickly. You can then wash it more easily, use it as a simple tray or a rigid table set.

There are 2 sizes:

- the size 1 tray favors aesthetics.

the size 2 tray, the comfort of use, you will be able to easily dispose your plate, your glass and cutlery + Unitab !

The KNEESTATION is used at any time of the day, it becomes successively:

a meal tray: if like 11% of the French you eat on your sofa, Kneestation is for you. It comes with a non-slip silicone set for the plate and the glass. The silicone protects the tray from scratches, and sticks the plate to the tray.

a Laptop holder: protects from heat on the thighs, the computer is very stable, and the keyboard is higher for more comfort. In addition, the computer remains ventilated.

a tablet holder: whether for Apple Ipad, Samsung Galaxy or other brands, with a tilt cover or built-in keyboard.

a mobile office: you have a flat surface more or less large according to your choice. Equipped with UNITAB you keep the useful surface of the tray. You can surf, take notes or draw at the same time. practical for co-working spaces..

a support to clip the Unitab and use it in the bed. Indeed, the Unitab Charlz is tiltable and the tablet is held and can not fall forward. The screen of your ipad or smartphone is then facing you perfectly, ideal for surfing or watching your series lying in bed with a simple cushion behind the head.