Ideal for cooking recipes!

The tablet support turns into magazine support!

You can now keep the magazine in the desired position.

- On your worktop: the page is maintained at the correct angle.

- Hung on the wall: frees your work plan. (wall hook provided)

Indeed, the transparent plate that is affixed on Unitab enlarged the contact surface, the page is kept flat.

The notch in the wafer and the adjustable elastic allows to maintain most magazine sizes.

- Clipped on the Kneestation: it's up to you to see the usefulness that you will attribute to it (taking notes, drawings, crosswords while having lunch ....)

If you do not have the Kneestation, you will use the transparent plate to clipper on the lower part of the Unitab, you can then:

- place your tablet on a flat surface in a vertical position such as a TV.

- put it on your legs thanks to the foot, the Unitab is stabilized.

- Use your tablet in lying position, the tablet is stabilized and can be inclined in vertical position. a simple cousin behind the head, plateau on the stomach you will watch your serenity serenity!

As a reminder, L'unitab is made in France!