The design of the KNEESTATION provides an incomparable comfort of use.

It is equipped with a stable and modular surface. Adapted to the morphology of each, it is composed of 2 elements, the base which

marries the shape of the thighs and the tray. Bases are available in 2 sizes.

The tray is magnetized on the feet which makes it easy to remove it for cleaning.

It comes with a non-slip silicone table set that guarantees the maintenance of the plate and protects the tray.

It can accommodate accessories for various uses:

- meal tray

- pleasure (tablet support, pc, drawing ...)

- Workstation

For the use of PC support, the advantages are numerous:

- the computer remains ventilated

- protection of the heat emitted.

- stability of the computer

- comfort of use, the computer being elevated.

The platform offers a more or less flat surface depending on your choice available in 2 sizes.

Equipped with the UNITAB tablet universal and reclining CHARLZ, you keep the useful surface of the tray. You can surf,

take notes or draw at the same time.

In short, everything for comfort!

Bonne vidéo.